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It's important to keep and maintain your steering system in your Silverado and avoid collisions or more damage to your truck. The steering system may need repair if you find your steering wheel skipping, hard to turn, or hear a clunking or screaming sound coming from the front end of your Chevy Silverado. The screaming sound may mean that you have got a steering pump and power steering problem, clunking from the front end of your Silverado may mean that youve got wheels system problems, tie rod problems or bearing problems. Any of these sounds or instances can be a danger for you and others while driving your Silverado. Have your steering system check out, and then order your replacement steering needs online here at the Silverado site pages.

Your Chevy Silverado steering system can include steering alignment, Silverado truck power steering filter, idler arms, steering damper kits, Pitman arm, suspension bushings, Silverado steering rack, tie Rod adjusting sleeves and many other basic components for your Silverado. Your steering system can also affect your fuel economy and tire wear. Should you notice uneven tire wear or that your fuel economy has dropped you may want to check out your tire pressure, steering pump, rack, or steering column problems. Save yourself a bit of time and money in order your steering system replacement parts for your Chevy here online at the Chevy Silverado site pages.

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1999 - 2005 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 1500 (Engine: V6 4.3) 
Steering Damper
Steering Damper
Description:Complete Kit, 4WD only
For Vehicle:1999 - 2005 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 1500 (Engine: V6 4.3)
Retail Price:$116.78
Discount Price:$54.95*
Stock Number:M4000-151299/KYB

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